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Believe in a better vision

On 4th of May the world of embedded and machine vision will change forever. Register today, stay tuned and become part of the embedded revolution.

Let’s change the system of embedded vision

Come the 4th of May, the embedded world will stand up for its right to access advanced vision technology, and free itself from camera limitations forever! From this day on, we will be at liberty to choose from the best image sensors and the smartest features. And to forge our own embedded destiny, regardless of our application or automated system!

Spearheading the revolution is a unique processor technology that’s condemning past camera designs to the dustbin of history in the name of efficient, cost-effective implementation for us all!

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Embedded systems of the world unite!

End class discrimination now! Compatibility for everyone – regardless of vision system!

Believe in a better vision!

Everyone has the right to better embedded vision. But sometimes it takes a revolution to get it.

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Liberate embedded vision! We demand the freedom to choose the feature set we want!

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Slow processing is oppressing our vision systems. Join the revolution and put an end to it now!

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